The Hollow World Valley

Here is a map of the main valley. You start the game in Duke Barrik's Castle, and the four main dungeons are marked in large yellow letters. In addition, there are a number of small dungeons, which I've marked in smaller letters. Some of these smaller dungeons have multiple entrances, which I have marked with arrows. Unlike the main dungeons, the smaller dungeons don't have visible entrances, so you may need to do some exploring to find them.

Below the map, you can find links to maps of the various dungeons and the other realms they lead to.

I've been playing the game as I've been making these pages, so you may notice some changes and corrections along the way (I've already found several places where my notes from testing the game are wrong). If you find any mistakes or treasure not marked on my maps, send me a note!

Click here for info on the symbols used in the maps.

Duke Barrik's Castle

The Beastman Caves - Malpheggi Swamp

Azcan Caverns and Jungle - Azcan Temple

Dungeon to the Oltec Tradeway

The Schattenalfen Elven Realms - The Immortal Caverns

Other Dungeons of the Valley

text walkthrough of the game

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