Schattenalfen Elven Realms

When you return from the Oltec Tradeway, you discover that the Castle is ruined, and the only person remaining is Marmellian. He gives you a scroll for the Elven Realms, and reveals that the townspeople went crazy, due to an evil, god-like being known as the Burrower....

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Schattenalfen Elven Caverns

Once you travel all the way around the valley (be sure to find all those side dungeons along the way!), you can enter the Elven Caverns. The Medallion and the scroll from Marmellian get you through the entrance and the first secret door.

1 - Cure Serious Wounds scroll (4), 912 gold pieces
2 - CureAll scroll (2)
3 - Disintegrate Spell scroll

Schattenalfen Elven City

The Elven city is filled with small rooms and many doors, and only two pieces of treasure... two spell scrolls.

1 - Stone To Flesh
2 - Flesh To Stone

The Immortal Caverns - your quest ends here, in the lair of the Burrower!

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