Duke Barrit's Castle

You start the game in the castle, in the throne room of Duke Barrit. There are entrances to nine dungeons in the castle, though one is not accessible until later in the game, and is described in the "Other Dungeons of the Valley" section.

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Weapon and Armor Shops

Just outside the throne room, you will find the weapon and armor shops. Many of the useful items you need can be found in these two shops. As you return to the castle during the game (as your characters level up), you will find ever better (if more expensive) stuff at these two shops. Late in the game, you may even find very rare items (someone playing the game on an emulator recently found a "+3 Sword vs. Regenerating").


This isn't a dungeon, but a person who will exchange interesting bits of information for items you can find throughout the game.

Prison Tower

1 Gauntlets of Ogre Power (gives the wearer super strength)

Western Guard Tower

Eastern Guard Tower

Magic Shop Laboratory

1 Sleep spell scroll
2 Wand of Lightning (very powerful!)

Inn Cellar

1 +1 ax

Shrine Cellar

1, 2 Potion of Healing (2)
3 Staff of Healing

Cemetary Tower

1 +1 Chain Mail

Northeastern Tower

1 +1 Sword

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