WOTES Walkthrough
With the maps and the notes included on this page, you should have every detail of how to get through the game. However, you can google far more detailed walkthroughs on the web if you need to!

You begin the game in Duke Barrit's castle....

First, search the entire castle, talking to both the Duke and Marmellion, and finding all the hidden mini-dungeons with their treasure. Then head north-west to the Beastman's camp... this isn't necessary to complete the game, but it does provide some decent gold and experience. You may want to wander around for a little while first, building up your characters a level or so.

The next step is to head towards the Beastman Caves. Head south-west of the castle, and cross the river... but be warned that the creatures get more deadly once you are across, so you may want to take some time to build up your characters' experience first.

Once you reach the caves, search the smaller dungeons until you find all the treasure, including one of several items for Marmellion. Walk back to the castle and talk to Marmellion once you find one of the Beastman artifacts, and he will give you the Withered Vine, which you can use to get through the secret door in the main Beastman dungeon, Gateway Passage.

Once you get through Gateway Passage, you find yourself in Malpheggi Swamp. Head to the Lizardmen Village, and defeat the lizardmen there. Inside one of the huts, you will find another artifact for Marmellion. Once back at the castle, Marmellion will give you the information you need to get through the entrance of the Azcan Caverns. As a side note, each time you return to the castle to get the key to the next part of the game, you will notice that the castle inhabitants have gone a little more insane.

Head towards the Azcan Caverns next, and through them to the Azcan Jungle. Make your way to the temple (the best path seems to be to walk west from the entrance to the jungle for a little while, then north little ways before backtracking east to the temple). On the bottom level of the temple is the four rings of fire resistance. Put one ring in the inventory of each of your characters.

The next step is to head back to the main valley, and then over to the Fire Bridge, where the rings come in handy. At the north end of the area of fire, find and enter the Oltec Tradeway, and work your way to the third level of the dungeon. There you will find a merchant who will give you a medallion and a letter for Duke Barrit... you have found the allies the Duke needs!

Unfortunately, by the time you get back to the castle with the letter, the castle is in ruins and the people have all gone insane and run away, according to Marmellion, who stayed behind. He tells you that there is a god-like creature, a Burrower, under the valley, which is why everyone went crazy.

Work your way around to the Azcan Cavern's entrance and then south to the bottom of the valley (or use the side dungeon now available that runs between the castle graveyard and the southern valley swamp). Find the entrance to the Schattenalfen Elven Caverns. The Oltec Trader's medallion gets you through the entrance.

The Elven Caverns lead to the Elven City, which has an underground pyramid to the north. The apex of the pyramid holds the entrance to the last dungeon of the game... the Immortal Caverns.

Once you reach the Immortal Caverns, work your way to the lair of the Burrower... the scroll from Marmellion summons a helpful god-creature that defeats the Burrower and brings the castle people back to their senses... you are now heroes, and you get to see my name buried in the WOTES list of credits (under "testers").

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Many of the pictures and maps used here are from the official WOTES hint book, though most have been altered by the author of this web page.