Beastman Caves

The first major dungeon you must travel is the Gateway Passage in the Beastman Caves.

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The Hidden Passage

The entrance at the top of the picture is the one on the first (lowest) level of the Beastman Caves.

1 small bone pipe (for Marmillian)

Treasure Room

1 Shield Spell scroll
2 leather charts (for Marmillian)

Warrior Cavern

1 Darkness Spell Scroll, 96 gold pieces

Kacanitzu's Abode

1 300 gold pieces
2 dagger

Shaman's Lair

1 Protection from Evil Spell scroll
2 +1 Sword
3 pottery (for Marmillian)

Gateway Passage

Gateway Passage allows passage between the Beastman Caves and the Malpheggi Swamp. However, you will need Marmillian's help to get through the first secret door (take him some of the items you found in the smaller Beastman Caves).

1 +1 Spear (2), Light Spell scroll, Entangle Spell scroll, Detect Magic Spell scroll, 400 gold pieces
2 Potion of Cure Poison (2), 48 gold pieces
3 Displel Magic Spell scroll, Potion of Healing (2), 80 gold pieces
4 Haste Spell scroll

Malpheggi Swamp - here is a link to the swamp page....

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