Other Dungeons of the Valley

Right at the tail end of testing the game, the developers dropped in a whole bunch of small side dungeons scattered through the main Valley. Several of these were designed by Mark Lindstrom, the head tester on the project, who I had been working with closely testing this beast for months.

These dungeons have no visible entrance, so you may have to search around a bit to find them. All except two of them exist along the cliffs of the valley. Strangely, the other two are the only ones that are not mentioned in the WOTES hint guide.

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The Catacombs of Doom

Hidden Forest Halls

1 - Sword, +1 Chain Mail

2 - +1 Sword, +1 Chain Mail

For years I couldn't find this dungeon... without searching every nook
and cranny in that part of the valley, it is tough to find.  Then a
fellow WOTES fan stumbled across it... I've included the scans he sent me.

Passageway Cavern

1 - 1504 gold pieces

2 - +2 Sword, +2 Shield, +1 plate mail, 4000 gold pieces (gems), 3936 gold pieces (jewelry), 2160 gold pieces (gold)

The Halls of the Dead

The Warrens

The Web Palace

Cave Bear Lair

Winding Cavern

1 - 752 gold pieces

Ant Nest

1 - 2512 gold pieces

The Pits

Elven Underground

You can't enter this dungeon until you have the Medallion from the Oltec Tradeway. The castle entrance is through one of the open graves in the graveyard.

1 - 752 gold pieces

2 - 2000 gold pieces

I recently got an email telling me there may be one more hidden dungeon... while it never appeared in any of the documents we used to test the game (so many years ago now), and also doesn't appear in the official guide to the game, it may exist. If it does, it is somewhere about halfway between Beastman Caves and the entrance to the Azcan Caverns, hidden in a tree or bush.

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