Dungeon To The Oltec Tradeway

Once you steal the Rings of Fire Resistance from the Azcan Temple, you can finally travel on the fire bridge, which leads to the Dungeon to the Oltec Tradeway. Be warned, though... there are dragons on the prowl around here!

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Level 1

1 - Anti-Magic Shell Spell scroll
2 - Displacer Cloak, Cure Serious Wounds scroll (2)
3 - +1 Sword, Cloud Kill Spell scroll, Ice Storm Spell scroll, Lightning Bolt Spell scroll
4 - Potion of Cure Poison (2)

Level 2

1 - Potion of Healing (4), 512 gold pieces
2 - Potions of Healing (2), Death Spell scroll, 400 gold pieces
3 - +2 Sword, Cure Light Wounds scroll (3), Bless scroll (2), 400 gold pieces
4 - Potion of Cure Poison (2)

Level 3

1 - +1 Plate Mail, +1 Shield, Dispel Magic Spell scroll, Confusion Spell scroll, 1504 gold pieces
2 - +2 Shield, +2 Mace, Potion of Healing (2), 1024 gold pieces
3 - Medallion, Letter for Duke Barrit

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