Azcan Caverns

Once you bring the Lizard Man artifacts to Marmillian, he will give you the knowledge you need to enter the Azcan Caverns. These caverns lead to a maze-like jungle on the outskirts of the Azcan Empire.

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1 Magic Missile Spell scroll, Web Spell scroll, Dispel Magic Spell scroll, +1 Leather Armor, Potion of Healing, 512 gold pieces
2 Cure Serious Wounds Spell scroll, Cure Light Wounds Spell scroll (2), Bless Spell scroll, 1536 gold pieces
3 Potion of Healing (4), 400 gold pieces
4 Protection From Evil 10' Radius Spell scroll, Fireball Spell scroll, Ring of Regeneration, 1024 gold pieces

Azcan Jungle

The Azcan Jungle is a dangerous and difficult place to travel. The Jungle vines and trees are a nearly impenetrable maze. However, the jungle does contain a couple of interesting locations, including a massive Azcan Temple. I've found the best way to find the temple is to head straight left for a little ways, then straight up a bit. Then backtrack right and you will find the Azcan Pyramid!

Azcan Temple - according to the beastmen, this huge pyramidal temple marks the southern boundary of the Azcan Empire.
The Waters of Life - a magical pool that can heal any wound, and bring the dead back to life.

Azcan Temple - this link will take you into the treacherous passages of the Azcan Temple.

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