World Destruction League: WarJetz

Our goal with WarJetz was to make a simple and fun arcade style air combat game. We had a lot of fun making sure that just about everything you see in the game explodes into tiny little pieces. We built two versions of the game, one for the PS1, and then an even better version on the PS2.

World Destruction League: WarJetz PS2

The PS2 version of the game makes the various planes more unique... unlike the PS1 version, each type of craft in the game has its own special weapons. There are nine different planes, ranging from the weak but manouverable Dragonfly helicopter, all the way up to the massively armored Marauder, with its load of nuclear bombs. Add in 28 campaign levels and 4 multiplayer modes, and you have a very fun blast-everything-you-see experience!

WarJetz PS2 Screen Shots - click here to see a couple dozen or so screen shots I took of the game.

WarJetz PS2 Technical Files - details about the various craft you can fly in the WDL.

Cheats Codes

There are a number of cheat codes in the game, which you can type in on the Input Code menu. I added a couple of special cheat codes, which we used while debugging the game:

World Destruction League: WarJetz PS1

The PS1 version of the game was completed first, almost six months before the PS2 version, even though both versions were released at the same time. The PS1 version has 8 different types of planes, 25 campaign levels, and 5 multiplayer modes. It also has half a dozen different weapon power-ups the planes can pick up for more destructive fun!

Cheats Codes

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