WarJetz PS2 Technical Files

There are nine different planes you can fly in the World Destruction League. Each is unique, with its own performance characteristics and special weapons.

A-12 Raider

The Raider is the basic training craft in the WDL. Medium speed, medium armor... it's a good balance of characteristics. Its main weapon is a single barrel machine gun, and the craft is backed up with the Shotgun Blaster, which can fire a spread of energy bolts out in front of the plane. The Raider is also stocked with standard Iron Bombs.

B-18 Crusher

The Crusher may be large and slow, but it is heavily armored, and designed for carpet bombing of ground targets. Its main cannon is a 100mm Flak Cannon which can do a decent amount of damage, but its real power is the load of cluster bombs. At full weapon power, the bomb launcher can send several sprays of 20 bomblets across the terrain per second.

A-10 Thunderbolt II (a.k.a. The Warthog)

The A-10 has been a long-time favorite of military forces. Though slow, it can take a pounding and still fly. Its main armourment is a 30mm Gatling Gun that fires depleted uranium slugs. The Warthog's special weapon is quite unique... the Vampire Ray fires out in front of the craft, sucking away the armor from any planes or guns the beam touches. At full weapon power, the Vampire Ray is the most powerful dogfighting tool in the WDL... it can take out an enemy plane in just seconds, while replenishing your own armor at the same time. The Thunderbolt is also stocked with standard Iron Bombs.


The Dragonfly helecopter is the only craft in the WDL that is not a jet plane. Though slow and lightly armored, the Dragonfly is highly manouverable. It can strafe from side to side, even circling around a target while firing. It has a rapid fire 25mm chain gun, and is backed up with a load of Swarmers, tiny missiles that swirl out to deal a lot of damage. The Dragonfly is also stocked with standard Iron Bombs.

Rocket Jet

The massive ramjet and rocket boosters on the Rocket Jet make this craft the fastest in the WDL. For weaponry, the Jet has a medium firerate 25mm Flak Cannon and the Photon Flare. The Flare is the ultimate close-in weapon... the Rocket Jet emits a blast of energy that damages anything nearby. Combined with its speed, the Rocket Jet is perfect for fast flybys, blasting ground targets before their guns can get a lock. It is also stocked with a load of standard Iron Bombs.


Though lightly armored, the Nighthawk is both fast and powerful. Its main weapons are the rapid-fire twin wing-mounted 20mm Machine Guns. Add to the mix the Guided Missiles, which will home in on an enemy plane or gun, exploding with devestating force. As with most of the WDL craft, it also carrys a load of standard Iron Bombs.


No one is sure where the technology behind the UFO came from, but it is the most manouverable craft in the league. It can come to a complete hover and turn on a dime. It mounts a 5-gigawatt Pulse Laser, and the powerful Antimatter Torpedo. The torpedo is a chargable but slow moving energy effect that destroys anything in its path until it runs out of energy... a fully charged torpedo can go through half a dozen buildings before fading. Since the weapon is chargable, you can fire out a rapid-fire series of weak torpedos, or wait for it to build up charge for a much more massive shot. Rounding out the UFO weapons is a load of standard Iron Bombs.

Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder originally began as a small bomber... its main weapon is the Hees Incendiary Cannon, which, though slow on recharge, fires a powerful fireball. For bombing runs, it carries a load of Napalm Bombs, which spray flaming gasoline jel across the terrain. The designers of the Rolling Thunder were not satisfied with the crafts bombing capabilities, however, and added what has become one of the favorite special weapons in the WDL. Officially known as the Homing Fireball, the fans affectionately call these mini-missiles "Flaming Homers." Though not very powerful, these fast missiles are constantly correcting their path to their target, making it possible to even hit targets that have moved behind you after you got the lock-on signal.

Marauder II

Without a doubt, the Marauder can cause more raw destruction than any other craft in the league. It is huge and heavily armored, with a massive 150mm Flak Cannon as its main weapon. Its the Marauder's bombing capabilty that has made it famous, however. Carrying a supply of Tactical Nuclear Bombs, it can destroy whole sections of a WDL flight arena in an instant.

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