There is actually one extra, secret, multiplayer mode we added near the end of the game's development. I had an idea I called "BombBall!" and with the help of one of the level designers, we put it together. The idea actually came from the N64 game "Buck Bumble" by UbiSoft... it has an excellent multiplayer mode called "Buzz Ball" that a friend and I have spent a lot of time playing, and I thought it might be fun to create my own modified version.

The cheat code "QPVS" activates the game mode... you then just need to select it like any other type of multiplayer game. Once you are in, you will notice that you can't select any craft except the Dragonfly helicopter. You will then find yourself in an arena with two goals, one at each end, and a giant ball bouncing in the center. Your goal is to shoot the ball into the other player's goal.

The controls are slightly different for BombBall. The only change is in the throttle controls... if you hold down the decelerate button, you will hover in place, and if you hold down the accelerate button, you will travel at fast speed. If neither button is held down, your helicopter will travel at is normal speed.

The weapons and powerups in BombBall are a little different than the normal game weapons....

In addition, there is a special menu for BombBall... if you pause the game, and then hit the SELECT button on your controller, you will find a menu that allows you to change the settings for the game. You can adjust how often the different types of powerups tend to appear (set the weight for a powerup to zero to make it never appear... otherwise, the higher the number compared to the weight of the other powerups, the more likely it is to appear). You can also change the physics of the game ball.

Though you can play BombBall as a single player, we didn't have time to put in any AI for the computer controlled helicopters... they won't attack the ball, and instead will just try to attack you. The game is really meant to be a two-player game. You can also add in extra computer players, who will fly around harrasing the players.

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