WarJetz PS2 Screen Shots

Here are a bunch of screen shots from the PS2 version of Warjetz....

Since I have a soft spot for Mesoamerican archaeology, the second Panama level has always been a personal favorite, due to the Mayan temples scattered around the arena. I captured the images for this level while flying the Raider.

Next is Antartica 1, a Flag Capture level. This level is fun to play, because it is just packed with ground targets... lots of twisty canyons and tons of ships and guns, not to mention the UFOs flying around! I picked the Rolling Thunder for my plane in this level... its my favorite craft in the game, with the Homing Fireballs (or, as I originally called the weapon when I was writing the code for it... the Flaming Homer!)

Next, its on to San Francisco! SF 2 was a level we created fairly late in the game... we were trying to find a way to make the Cash Frenzy levels a bit more interesting, and we ended up thinking about the California earthquakes.... When a quake hits, lava and cash begin spewing out of the ground, making this the most focused and fun of the Cash Frenzy levels. I chose the Nighthawk with its homing missiles to go up against the Rolling Thunders in the level.

Nuke the site from orbit! I had a lot of fun putting in the nuke explosion effect, so here it is... the Maurader is without a doubt the most destructive plane in the Warjetz hangers! This shot was taken while flying around the training level....

Welcome to the Big Apple, where you can blast away at all the skyscrapers you want! Say goodbye to the Statue of Liberty! Here on New York 2, its my Rolling Thunder and its Flaming Homers against the Homing Missiles of the Nighthawks!

I was tempted to take this section of screenshots off my webpage in the wake of Sept. 11, though I decided to leave the page as is. In fact, the game was temporarily removed from the 3DO webpage for a couple of weeks after the attacks.

Here along the Rhine River in Germany, you need to keep your convoy of ships from running into any nasty surprises, such as this Destroyer lying in wait. For Rhine River 3, I chose the Crusher, with its massive payload of cluster bombs, so I can carpet bomb everything in my way!

Multiplayer! Its two person combat fun in Panama, Rocket Jet vs. Rolling Thunder!

And now, here are your hosts for Wednesday Night WarJetz... the luscious Kate Maxwell, and her idiot co-host, Jimmy "Hellcat" Jackson!

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