Seattle Landmarks App
This is the result of a coding test I recently was given during my job hunting. The assignment was to download a dataset from a Seattle city government website, and then display and use it in some fashion. I chose a dataset showing information about Seattle historic landmarks.

You can find the files here: (4.1 Mb)

This app uses the SODA protocol to download the dataset from the city website, displays the landmarks in a searchable UITableView, and also can map landmarks in a MKMapView. Read the included read-me file "SeattleLandmarks_ReadMe.pdf" for more info about this quicky project.

Nova Rift Game Files
Here you can find some samples of iOS coding in Objective-C. These files are not a complete application, however. Included here are several files from the first iOS project I worked on, "Nova Rift: Arena". Nova Rift began as a home-brew project to teach myself how to code for the iPhone, but then, with the help of a friend, expanded out into a published multiplayer iPhone/iPod/iPad game app.

You can find the files here: (25 Kb)

The sample files show several related Objective-C classes for graphical objects from the game:

You can find more information about the game here: My Nova Rift: Arena page

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