Here you can find the complete code for a Novint Falcon demo I built as my first project for Novint. It was designed to be similar to a kid's sandbox... an enclosed space where you can pick up and throw around various objects, including a couple of toy cars. However, you could then zoom inside a car and drive it around. The purpose was to showcase various aspects of how the Novint Falcon haptic controller (hi-fidelity force feedback and touch simulation) can enhance applications.

The demo was written in 3D Game Studio and its C-Script language, with a C++ DLL module written in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 to run the Falcon forces.

You can find the complete source code here: (709 Kb)
You can find the Windows PC executable for the demo here: (2 Mb)

Note that you will need a Novint Falcon controller to run the executable!

For detailed information about the source files, go here: Novint Falcon Tonka Demo Source

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