The Maya


This small site near Cancun is one of the most touristed of the Mayan cities. It is positioned on the coast, with its main temple overlooking a low cliff down to the ocean. It was one of the first cities the Spaniards saw when coming to the new world. It was one of the last Mayan cities built (around 1400 AD, I think). These pictures were taken by me while on vacation in Cancun years back.


One of the largest of the Mayan cities, this site is located in the lowlands of Guatemala. The pictures were taken by a friend, and the sketches are mine, from a report I wrote for an archaeology class in college. Also, you can find a map of the downtown area of Tikal.

Map of Tikal Main Plaza

Temple 1 - The Temple of the Jaguars

Temple 2 - The Temple of the Masks

Tikal Skyline

Tikal North Acropolis (sketch)

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