This is one of several Robotech: Sentinels cels that Harmony Gold gave to Gametek. All except this one disappeared (I had taken it home to scan it, and then left it in my cubicle at work), but this one was one of my favorites anyway. It is made up of 4 layers - Minmei and Janice are one cel, the microphone is a second, and the happy couple and the crowd are a third. The backdrop on paper is the fourth layer. The cel also came with several pencil sketches of the scene.

The happy couple portion of the cel, along with the background, first appears on frame 17464 on the 2nd side of the laserdisk (the CAV side), and remains until frame 17703. Minmei and Janis slowly come up from the bottom of the screen as the camera pulls back, with my top cel being the last in the animation sequence (appearing at frame 17698). You never see the lower half of the top cel, the screen cutting it off just below the girls' shoulders.

As an interesting side note... on the envelope the set of cels and sketches came in, Minmei is listed as "Lauren." If I recall my Robotech history properly, the Japanese animators used a different name for the character, so that nobody in Japan would think that "The Sentinels" was a sequel to the Japanese Macross cartoon series.

I'm also attaching small scans of the three pencil sketches that are included with this cel set.

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