Robotech (and related) Collectibles

Here you can find a list of most of the items in my Robotech toy and memorabilia collection, many with pictures. I don't plan on selling or trading any of them, but I am always interested in finding things to add to the collection....

You can find my non-Robotech anime items here. This includes items from Super Dimensional Century Orguss, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ranma 1/2, Slayers, and others. Also, you can find a small guide to places to look for anime items here.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Toys
Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross (Robotech Masters) Toys
Genesis Climber Mospeada (New Generation) Toys
Action Figures
Model Kits
Animation Cels
Other Robotech Collectables
Robotech: Crystal Dreams Propotional Materials

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Toys

Bandai 1:72 High Complete Model VF-1S - though smaller than the more common 1:55 Valkyrie toys, this rare toy of the Valkyrie is much more highly articulated and detailed. It came complete with box, unapplied decals, and all accessories.

Bandai 1:55 VE-1 Elintseeker - the recon Veritech... another rare Valkyrie toy, this one from the Macross DYRL movie - a Valkyrie (Veritech) variation with a unique head turret and armor, including a top mounted radar disk. Complete with box and all accessories, though the small plastic action figure it had when I bought it is Minmei instead of who it should have been.

Bandai 1:55 VF-1 Super Ostrich - an armored training Valkyrie from the Macross DYRL movie... this toy and the Elintseeker are probably the two rarest of the Valkyrie toys. Though my copy of the toy is not in absolute mint condition, it does have the box and all the important accesories.

Bandai 1:55 VF-1A Valkyrie - this toy has no box, and the decals have all been applied, but otherwise it is in good condition. It was originally owned by Gametek, used for research while building the game's Veritech models, but ended up in my collection when Gametek died.

Tokatoku Toys 1:55 GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie Armor - a rare set of armor for the Valkyrie toys. Tokatoku is the company who originally made the 1:55 Macross toys, though Bandai later grabbed the license and molds. The set of armor is mounted on a cheap Korean copy of the 1:55 VF-1J Valkyrie toy... one so cheaply made that both hands use the left hand mold, thus forcing me to tape the gun to the hand.

Hasbro Transformers Jetfire - this is a re-colored copy of the Japanese 1:55 scale Super Valkyrie. Many of Hasbro's first line of Transformers were copies of Japanese toys from various anime series and toy companies, including the Super Valkyrie, renamed to "Jetfire." The existence of this toy in America caused headaches for Matchbox when they were creating their Robotech line of toys, because they could not create their own transforming version of the Veritech. This was the first Robotech toy I ever collected, bought at a wonderful sci-fi store in Los Angeles, called "Super Collector".

Matchbox Veritech - due to licensing conflicts with Hasbro's Jetfire toy, Matchbox couldn't build a transforming Veritech. Instead they provided a large fighter mode toy, with Super armor. I have two, both with original boxes.

Robotech Masterpiece Collection Veritechs - a series of highly detailed transforming Veritech toys made by Toynami. These are the ultimate Robotech toys!

Bandai 1/65 scale YF-19s Blazer Valkyrie - not exactly Robotech, but then neither is the Elintseeker. An Japanese import toy based on a Valkyrie from Macross Plus and Macross 7.

SDF-Macross - a transforming version of the Macross (SDF-1 in Robotech), complete with tiny plastic planes that can be launched off the two attached carriers. It is in fairly good condition, though when I first found it at Gametek, it was in a dozen pieces. I may be missing a few of the toy planes and missiles, but all the ship parts are there, and it came with a box. The box has no company labels, so I don't know who created the toy, but the box front is in Japanese, with English instructions for transforming the ship on the back. The box label reads "Macross SSF-1 Super Robo."

Playmates Robotech Officer's Pod - made from the original Matchbox molds, this toy is from the re-release of the Robotech toys under the "Exo-Squad" toy line.

Matchbox Robotech Battlepod - I actually have two of these, both with original box. Both are missing at least one of the small top lasers. One has stickers applied, and the other has no stickers at all.

Playmates Robotech Destroids - also from the Exo-Squad re-release of the Matchbox toys, this is all four of the destroids, from left to right... Gladiator, Raidar X, Excaliber, and Spartan.

Playmates Botoru Male Power Armor - as with the Destroids, this toy is from the Exo-Squad release of the Matchbox molds.

Matchbox Quodrono Power Armor - this toy is actually a recolored varient of the Male Power Armor toy, instead of being based on the actual Quodrono Power Armor mecha from the cartoon series.

Harmony Gold Miniature SDF-1 - a small, non-transformable die cast SDF-1, given to me by the people at Harmony Gold from their basement of Robotech goodies. I believe this is a Japanese toy repackaged for America.

Harmony Gold M.A.C. II Destroid - a small die-cast version of the largest destroid. This one was also given to me by Harmony Gold.

Playmates Mini-Destroids - I've picked up three of the smaller Destroid toys... an Excaliber, a Raidar X, and a Spartan.

Banpresto Macross Miniature Valkyries - six import vinyl Valkyrie figures, each about 2 1/2 inches tall. The series consists of a blue Max-type Battroid, a red Miriya-type Battroid, a white with red trim VF-1J Battroid, and three Skull squadron VF-1S Valkyries (Battroid, Gerwalk, and Fighter).

Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross (Robotech Masters) Toys

Playmates Robotech Hovertank - from the Exo-Squad re-release of the older Matchbox toys. I was always a little disappointed with this toy, because it transforms between only two of the three modes the Hovertank has.

Playmates Robotech Bioroid with original Matchbox Hoverplatform - The Bioroid I bought from the Playmates re-release of the toys, but I later found the hoverplatform in an antique and collectables shop in Northgate Mall in San Rafael, CA.

Matchbox Dana's Hovercycle - a large toy version of the hovercycle, designed for the 12 inch Robotech action figures.

Genesis Climber Mospeada (New Generation) Toys

Excite/Gakken Blue Robotech Alpha Fighter - this is the large blue (Scott Bernard) version of the transformable Legios Fighter, made by Gakken, but packaged in an English language Robotech box.

Excite/Gakken Red Robotech Alpha Fighter - the red (Rook) version of the large Alpha, also made by Gakken. It has the gun and pilot figure, but it doesn't have a box, so I don't know if it was the Japanese or America packaging of the toy.

Gakken Mospaeda VR-052F Ride Armor - a Japanese highly detailed and transforming version of the Robotech Cyclone, Scott Bernard type, complete with box.

Gakken VR-038-L Bartley Armor Bike - a small plastic transforming Rook type cyclone, about the same size as the Matchbox action figures, with orignal box.

Matchbox Robotech Armoured Cyclone - a small non-transformable Cyclone bike, designed to fit the Matchbox action figures, with box and sticker sheet.

Matchbox Invid Shock Trooper - complete with original box.

Playmates Invid Trooper - from the Exo-Squad re-release of the toys.

Action Figures

Harmony Gold 12 inch Dana Sterling action figure - this was given to me by Harmony Gold, and is one of the prides of my collection, primarily because it is one of the ugliest toys I've ever seen.

Matchbox 4 inch action figures (on cards) - Lisa Hayes, Miriya, Dana Sterling, Bioroid Terminator, 2 Micronized Zentraedi Warriors, Rand, and Corg.

Matchbox 4 inch action figures (loose) - Rand (missing gun), Scott Bernard (with helmet but no gun), 2 Zor Primes (only one with gun), and a Robotech Master.

Matchbox 6 inch action figures (on cards) - 2 Dolzas, Breetai (who looks like an elf), Khyron, and Armoured Zentraedi Warrior.

Matchbox 6 inch action figures (loose) - Exedore

Arii 1/6 scale P.V.C HiQuality Figures - recently released in Japan, these are foot tall plastic statues of some of the Macross characters.

Model Kits

Arii 1/20000 scale Zentraedi Capital Ships (unbuilt)

Animation Cels

Robotech Animation Cels - I have cels from most of the Robotech related shows: Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada, Sentinels, and the Macross Movie.

Other Robotech Related Stuff

Robotech Art 1 signed hardback - a blue hard-bound version of the first art book with sleeve, numbered (at #470 of 1200) and signed by the authors.

Robotech Art 2 signed hardback - a red hard-bound version of the second art book with sleeve, numbered (at #225 of 1200) and signed by the authors.

Robotech Art 3 signed hardback - a red hard-bound version of the third art book with sleeve, numbered (at #723 of 1000) and signed by the author and creator of Robotech, Carl Macek.

Robotech Style Guide - includes color charts and descriptions of most of the characters and mecha in Robotech

Roy Fokker pewter figure - I'm not sure how I ended up with this small figure... I think Gametek had it, and it ended up in my pile of Robotech stuff.

Robotech Fan Club Packet - these were mailed to people when they joined the official fan club. I got mine while visiting Harmony Gold, but I opened it to see what is inside, so its not in perfect condition.

Macross Handheld Game - a simple LCD game from Japan, based on Macross. You fly a little Valkyrie up and down shooting pods (sort of sideways Space Invaders).

Robotech Comics - an almost complete set of Robotech comics, from four different companies: Comico, Eternity, Academy, and most recently Antarctic Press. Also included is possibly the rarest Robotech comic... the one I wrote (with Antarctic Press providing the artwork), which was handed out to about 500 people at the E3 trade show in May 1998.

Robotech Button - a small (about 1 inch diameter) pin-on button. I have three of them, though one is a bit scuffed up due to having been attached to the bag I dragged back and forth to work for the past couple of years.

Valkyrie Cloth Patch - a small cloth patch of a VF-1J battloid.

Robocon 10 Guide - the info packet handed out at the tenth anniversary Robotech convension. I didn't actually go to the Robocon, but several other people at Gametek did.


Japanese Sourcebooks

American Robotech Sourcebooks

Robotech Novels by Jack McKinney (a pseudonym for the co-authors Brian Daley and James Luceno)


Robotech Perfect Collection - the recent release of all the Robotech music, both instrumental and vocal, from both the series and the Sentinels.

Macross Plus Original Soundtrack - the American pressing of the first Macross Plus soundtrack.

Macross Plus Original Soundtrack II - the American pressing of the second MacPlus soundtrack, which focuses more on the Sharon Apple songs and incidental music.

Sharon Apple The Cream P-U-F - a Japanese import CD with four tracks, all Sharon Apple songs. Two of the songs are found only on this CD, including the song Sharon sings while floating through the audience in the concert scene in episode 2.

Macross Plus Orignal Soundtrack Plus - for fans only - a Japanese import CD with a bunch of unusual or remixed versions of the songs from Macross Plus.


The Super Dimension Fortress Macross The Movie DVD Box Set - a Japanese import DVD of the Macross DYRL movie, in an oversized collectable box. This is the ultimate version of the movie, with a beautiful widescreen transfer of the movie and Dolby Digital sound. It even comes with a Macross poster.

Robotech Legacy Collection DVDs, volumes 1-7 - all 85 episodes of Robotech on DVD, in 7 box sets, each set with an additional DVD of supplementals, including the Sentinels movie, and a 5 minute look at the failed Robotech: Crystal Dreams video game! Released by ADV Films.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross - the complete Japanese Macross television series on DVD, remastered by AnimEigo and subtitled in English. The original series never looked this good before!

Macross: Do You Remember Love LD - a Japanese import laserdisk of the Macross movie, widescreen version, CLV format.

Macross Flashback 2012 LD - recently re-released in Japan after being out of print for years - a half-hour Minmei music video, with a few minutes of new animation that tells where the Macross characters went after the end of the Japanese Macross TV series.

Robotech Laserdisks - the first 9 Robotech laserdisks (all the Macross episodes) and the Robotech 2: Sentinels LD. I also had a complete collection of the TV series on tape (a mixture of the Palladium and the FHE brands), but the set has been decimated by two and a half years of research by me and my former Gametek co-workers.

Macross Plus DVD - all four episodes, on 2 DVDs, of one of the best pieces of anime in existance.

Macross II VHS tapes (dubbed)

Macross 7 fansub - first 5 episodes of the Macross 7 series with fan subtitling... terrible quality, but its the only way to get a translated version of this goofy Macross television series.


Gametek Cinema: Robotech Episode One - the first episode of Robotech as a Quicktime format movie on a CD-ROM. Despite all our hard work at Gametek, this remains the only officially licenced Robotech software ever released.

Macross 15th Anniversary Import CD-ROM - I believe this is a screen saver program, though the software will not install on an American version of Windows-95. However, the CD is filled with .BMP format pictures taken from Macross, Macross DYRL, Macross Plus, and Macross 7.

Macross (Famicom) - an import Famicom (NES) side-scrolling shooter.

Macross Scrambled Valkyrie (Super Famicom) - an import Super Famicom (SNES) side-scrolling shooter.

Macross 2036 (PC Engine SCD) - one of the best Macross side-scrolling shooters out there. Its an import, but can be played on a domestic Turbo Grafx system with the CD drive (or a TurboDuo).

Macross: Eternal Love Story (PC Engine SCD) - the second Macross PC Engine game. This one is a strategy game that unfortunately requires a bit more knowledge of Japanese than I happen to have.

Macross VF-X Digital Missions (Playstation) - an import Playstation game which allows you to fly several different Valkyries in 3D environments.

Macross VF-X 2 (Playstation) - an import Playstation game sequel to the first Macross PSX game.

Macross: Do You Remember Love (Playstation) - an import Playstation side-scrolling shooter. This is actually a port of the previous Saturn DYRL game.

Macross Plus Game Edition (Playstation) - an import Playstation 3D game based on the Macross Plus series.

Macross 7 (Game Boy Color) - an import Game Boy side-scrolling shooter based on the Macross 7 cartoon series.

Robotech: Battlecry for the Playstation 2 and Gamecube - the first Robotech video game to ever reach the stores, and the best Macross based game ever! I picked up both the PS2 and Gamecube versions.

Robotech Battlecry Collectors Edition, X-Box version - for the X-Box version of the game, I picked up the collectors edition, which included several extras such as a t-shirt.

Robotech: The Macross Saga for the Game Boy Advance - a 2D side-scrolling shooter based on the Macross portion of Robotech.

Robotech: Crystal Dreams N64 Alpha version - perhaps the rarest Robotech collectable ever, this is a development cartridge which I managed to acquire and burn the alpha version of R:CD (which we showed at the 1998 E3 trade show) onto it. This is one of the only playable N64 cartridges of the game in existance (there is one other I know of, which has a much older version of the game burned on it, and is buried in Harmony Gold's archives).



Robotech: Crystal Dreams Promotional Materials

Keychain - a Gametek keychain given out at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles in 1996.

Character Badges - Gametek handed out 12 different badges at the E3 trade show in 1998, each focusing on a different character from the game. Unfortunately, Gametek closed its doors before I could get myself a complete set (even though I wrote the text for the back of each badge, and must have handed out hundreds of them at E3), so the only ones I ended up with are the two I wore at the trade show (Kyle with helmet and Vala). I ended up finding 6 more on ebay a couple of years later. Here's a complete listing of all of them....

Crystal Dreams Comic Book - This is an eight page comic, written and scripted by me, with artwork provided by Antartic Press. Although we printed up about 3000 of the comics, we only passed out about 600 before Gametek closed its doors (most at the E3 trade show). The entire comic is displayed here, cover to cover.

1997 E3 Crystal Dreams Poster - made for the E3 trade show in 1997, this poster ended up in my collection. There were several other posters made, incuding some very nice ones using the hi-res Veritech model the Gametek artists made, but they all disappeared with Gametek.

1998 E3 Crystal Dreams Poster - made for the 1998 E3 trade show, this one used the high-resolution Veritech computer model the Gametek artists had spent several weeks creating. The original version of the poster was just the Veritech, but Capcom (whose booth we were showing the game at) wanted more of an action feel, so the artists added the missiles and explosions. Less than ten of these posters were actually printed, but I got lucky and found one of them for auction on ebay, and it now hangs on my living room wall.

1997 E3 box art - put together for the 1997 E3 trade show, this was our first pass at some Crystal Dreams box art. The actual box is an old SNES Sports Jeopardy game box, with the R:CD artwork color printed and glued over it. I probably have one of the only remaining boxes like this. We also made a few boxes for the 1998 E3 show, but by then the box art was using the hi-res Veritech model... I don't know what happened to them.

Magazines with R:CD Articles

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