While in Los Angeles in summer 2001, I picked up the following sequence of 29 cels from a combat scene in Mospeada. It shows a flight of Invid Troopers being bombarded. The last four cels are a bit damaged... they had wax paper sheets covering their front which had become stuck to the cels. Since all the explosions, laser bolts, and engine flares were enhanced using airbrushing on the cel fronts, these cels have had some of their coloring smeared off as well as tiny pieces of paper still stuck to them. All the rest of the cels look great, though, and every frame has an unstuck pencil sketch. The first twenty cels in the animation are double-sized, with some of the action larger than my scanner bed, so I had to crop a few of the images.

I've also included a video (in AVI format), cobbled together from the cels, with me trying to line up the individual cels close to how they might have appeared on screen.

Invid Animation Sequence (1029Kb)

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