Anne McCaffrey's wonderful world of the Dragonriders of Pern has been a favorite place of mine to play in since I read the first books back around 1980, when I was twelve years old. Three decades later, I still frequently re-read the novels, and have eagerly awaited each new story. The series now consists of more than twenty novels and short story collections, and the venerable Dragonlady has now turned the reins of Pern writing over to her son, Todd McCaffery, whose first forays into storytelling have been as wonderful and imaginative as his mother's.

On November 21, 2011, the amazing Dragonlady passed away. I will always regret I never had a chance to tell her what an impact she had on me as a young boy first discovering my joy of reading, though I will always thank her for the gift of her writing. She not only changed my own life, but she changed the shape of modern scifi and fantasy... she will be dearly missed.

About this Pern fan-fic of mine:

A few years back, I discovered a friend of mine was a member of a fan-fiction Weyr, and she convinced me to try my hand at writing my own Pern story for the Logres Weyr fanzine. Unfortunately, by the time I finished the story, not only had it grown far too large to be published in the Logres fan publication, but Logres Weyr itself had ceased to exist.

However, I've always been fond of this story... its one of the best pieces of creative writing I've ever done, and with the relaxation of the legal restrictions Ms. McCaffery allowed a couple of years ago, I can finally post it on my webpage. I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the wonderful cover art my friend Jess built (below) to open the story... I've also put up the story as a eBook (in .ePub format), which you can find below the picture, and can be imported to things like an iPad (using the iBooks app), and other most other eBook applications.

Wings of Silence eBook

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