Miscellanious Pictures and Info

Here is the obligitory "random personal stuff" page, where I waste a bunch of bandwidth for no good reason.

The first picture is of my god-kids, Simon and Abby... I beleive this was taken sometime around 2001 (they've gotten a lot bigger since then!)

Here is the reason I use the nickname "Opus." This is a picture of me during my Senior year in high school (egad! Was I ever really that thin?) The year before, my two closest friends were trying to come up with a comedy skit to do for a speech meet. I suggested "Bloom County," a comic strip we all had recently discovered. I helped them write the piece, which they then won several awards with at the next few meets. The next year, one of my friends then wrote another sketch, to use as a solo comedy piece. These two sketches, compiled from the individual comic strips found in the first two Bloom County books, became the basis of a one act play, which that same friend then cast me in as Opus. From then on, Opus became an icon of mine.

The next picture describes how I spent much of my childhood. I was about ten years old when I took this. I still have all the Legos, though! You can also see my long lost (but fondly remembered) fake fur bean bag chair (which was wonderful when I was small enough to bury myself in it).

Next is a picture of my little monster, Monique. She doesn't live with me anymore (she's in Albuquerque, living with my former roommate's father), which is probably for the best, since I tend to be rather alergic to cats.

Finally, here is a picture of the humble creater of these web pages at the Mayan ruins at Tulum (goto the Archaeology page for more about Tulum).

You can send me mail at opus@opusgames.com