Cheat Codes

Warriors of the Eternal Sun has two cheats:

The instant the SEGA logo appears, hold down the START button on the 2nd joypad, while typing the following sequence on the 1st: <down, B, right, up, C, left, A>

If you type it before the "Warriors of the Eternal Sun" logo appears, you will hear a ding. When you play the game, you will find an extra menu in the START menus. On it, you can play with the game music, and give yourself extra gold.

The second cheat is much more difficult to get. After getting the above cheat, you must hold down START on the 1st joypad, while hitting <up, A, B, left> on the 2nd joypad, but you must also have no games saved on your WOTES cartridge (see below to learn how to erase all the saved games). I personally haven't managed to get this code working since the days I was testing the game, but a couple of enterprising people have e-mailed me that they have managed to activate it. Enter the first code while on the Sega logo screen, but keep the START button on the 2nd joypad held down until the copyright screen appears. Then switch joypads and enter the second cheat. It helps to have two people working on the cheat... one for each joypad.

If you get both cheats working, then when you enter the game and go to the pause menus, you will not only have the music and gold cheats on the extra menu, but also "Show Coords" (shows the x/y position of your party in the game world), "Create Monsters" (turns on/off all enemies in the game), "Boost Levels" (give experience to all the characters in you party), "Game Level" (sets how far in the game you are), and "Collisions" (which apparently does some strange color changes in the game)

Clearing the Saved Games, or Fixing a Dead Save Battery

When I bought my cart (used), it had a bunch of saved games stored on it, which meant I couldn't try out one of the cheats I mentioned above. In addition, I've gotten several messages from people who have carts who have dead batteries, so they can't save games anymore.

There is a solution, though it will take a bit of work.

The first step is to break open the plastic case that holds the cartridge. Unless you are one of the rare people that has the special tool for taking these things apart (I don't have one), the only method is to physically break the plastic apart along the seams. You will never be able to use the case again, but it doesn't harm the guts of the cartidge.

Then, you need to use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the metal contacts off the battery (which looks like an oversized watch battery). This requires breaking the solder that holds them together, and you will leave a few scratches on the battery, but that is okay, since you are about to replace it anyway. Make sure to remember which of the two connectors is hooked up to the positive terminal of the battery, and which is negative.

Next, head to Radio Shack, or some other electronics parts store. The battery is a standard type (look for the number on the battery and find a matching one). Also, find a cheap battery holder that fits the battery.

The final step is to get a soldering iron, and carefully solder the battery holder onto the connections left behind when you pried the battery off. Make sure you attach the positive and negative terminals on the battery holder to the matching connectors on the cartridge circuit board.

Once this is done, you are ready to rock! Insert the battery into the holder (make sure not to put it in upside down!). Anytime you want to clear out all the saved games, just pop the battery out of the holder, and then put it back in.

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