WOTES Hidden Items

A while back, a WOTES fan sent me an e-mail about some extra items he found in the game. He didn't find them by playing the game, however... he played WOTES on an emulator, which allowed him to edit the saved games using a HEX editor. He found the locations of the character inventory in the save games, and started changing the values and seeing what he had when he loaded the game.

For those of you that want to try this yourself, you first need a Genesis emulator like DGen, and a hex editor (there are a ton out there, some of which I'm sure are freeware). You will also need a ROM image of WOTES.

Start up the game in the emulator, and then save a game... this should create a *.srm file on your hard-drive (if you are using DGen to emulate the Genesis). Open up the *.srm file in the hex editor, find the byte offset that holds the first item for the first character (0x9AA), and change the value. For example, placing a value of 0x51 there is a basic sword, while 0x52 is a +1 sword. (Note that 0xNN means a hex notation address of NN)

It turns out that there are a bunch of items that you can select in this way that don't appear as treasure anywhere in the game. Many of them even have artwork. Some examples are shown below (sent to me by the WOTES fan who discovered this):

There are a number of other unexpected items as well (Ring of Water Walking, Potion of Heroism, and others). Some of these may not have code for running them, so if you actually try to use any of these items, you might get unexpected results.

If you manage to find any of these hidden in some corner of the actual game, send me an e-mail!

You can send me mail at opus@opusgames.com

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