Zentraedi Dictionary


dentalla - ally, or friend

domillan - strategist or advisor (Exedore is the Zentraediís foremost Domillan)

hajoca - an insult, loosely translated as traitor. Literally "weak spot"

jhiri - my

ji - red

kara-brek - honorable death (brek = honor, kara = death)

Kara-thun - a Zentraedi ritual execution by battle, giving the offender a chance at honorable destruction. Literal translation is "Death Dance"

karat-sul - acknowledge and order, in essence "I will fight (and die) for you." Literally, "battle ready"

kaderak - moon (generic)

kalidar - emergency

Kemma - lord (as in Kemma Breetai)

magdomillan - to make strategy; to prepare for combat

negronta - worthless

paranka - burrowing; also "The Burrowers" (a creature from Zentraedi mythology)

Par Dessu - standard Zentraedi greeting

qalliph - dread

Quenno - the Retrieval (the process of breaking down a dead Zentraedi warriorís body for recycling)

sesannu - silence!

tan - name or designation

teezel - all

trati - Noble

Tísen - warriors (as in Tísen Brog)

tísen-mot - un-zentraedi behavior - a violation of the Zentraedi Imperative - a serious insult

Tísentrati - Zentraedi

yar - added to other words to imply a command

yull - listen


Regult Pod - Battlepod

Nousjadeul-Ger Body Suit - Personal Body Suit (aka. Male Power Armor)

Queadlunn-Rau Armor - Tactical Power Armor (aka. Female Power Armor)

Raulon've Pod - Fighter Pod (aka. Trithruster)

Glaug Pod - Officer's Pod

Glaug Eldare - Officer's Pod Armored Vehicle

Quel Qualie - Theatre Scout Recon (Cyclops Recon)

Frand'lar Tiluvo Re-entry Pod

Fub Relau tankers - <may be a Technical Files addition, rather than Macross>

Nupetiet-Vergnitzs - flagship

Queadol Magdomilla - command ship, or strike cruiser

Quiltra Queleual - landing ship

Thuverl Salan - destroyer, or heavy cruiser

Tou Redir Sloop - Scout ship (the RPG calls this a "Salan Scout"), also know as a "picket ship" or "destroyer escort"

Rin Nadow Lojm class Monitor <only seen in Macross, not Robotech, but may still exist in Zentraedi fleet>


Thakun - a mythical magical edged weapon

Jurruuqi - a name for a mythical realm some Zentraedi believe they go to upon death (similar to the Viking legend of Valhalla)

Nupesiet - from the roots for "prime" and "defense" - an approximate definition would be "Defenders of the Front Line"

Tivularr - thunder

Kuarre - an approximate definition would be "Victory by Subtlety"

Fekdrahl - an insectoid alien race from the Tirolian local group, which was wiped out during the Robotech Empire Wars

Quo/Bou - adds the implication of fighting for or against the term applied to, Quo for female and Bou for male.

Note that the famous Quodrono and Botoru use these root terms.


gran'lare - to infiltrate

diel'are - to extinguish

nous - implies "person" when applied to another term

nous-gran'diel - Zentraedi ninja (a more literal translation would be "Infiltration and Termination Agent")

mi'cronne - micronian

yrallain - a large nocturnal predator indigenous to Tirol

nous'dohl - warrior (used as name for blue bioroid)

t'siendral - sentinel (used as name for green bioroid)

gister'dohl - warlord (used as name for red bioroid)

t'sienramp - observer (used as name for bioroid scout)

Inbida T'siendiel - Invid Fighter (Invid Bioroid)

Rin Dereta class Monitor (another Zen ship type)

Quiltra Zentro - older class of Zen landing ship

Ci'Va - the largest colony Tirolian colony, which rebelled against the Masters and was rendered uninhabitable by the Zentraedi

Ci'Vonian - citizen of the Tirolian colony of Ci'Va

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