Robotech: Crystal Dreams Pictures and Videos

Here you can find various video captures and screen shots from Robotech: Crystal Dreams, most of which I have captured myself over the past few years.

Robotech DVD Box Set #7 Deleted Scenes

In August of 2001, Harmony Gold asked me to send them some footage from Crystal Dreams, which they planned to put on the supplemental disc of an upcoming Robotech DVD box set. I didn't have high quality DV capture tools myself, so I turned to my boss at 3DO, an amazingly enjoyable fellow named Howard Scott Warshaw, who video game enthusiasts will recall as the guy who created the classic Atari 2600 games "Yar's Revenge," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and the infamous "E.T." With the help of his recording equipment, I captured 40 minutes of Digital Video footage for Harmony Gold and ADV.

Well, in March of 2002, the seventh and final Robotech box set hit the stores, including not only some amazing footage of the upcoming cel-shaded Robotech game from Vicious Cycle and TDK Interactive, but also approximately 5 minutes of edited footage from that digital video tape I sent off six months before. The ADV guys did a wonderful job picking out the best bits and pieces from the raw footage I sent them and editing it together into something the old marketing department at Gametek would have been proud to see. I also find it perfect that the Crystal Dreams footage happens to be on the final DVD box set, which includes the first episodes of Robotech I saw back in 1986 (it was the last ten eps of the series that got me hooked on Robotech and anime in general!)

However, I also kept my own copy of all the raw footage, and since I can never leave well enough alone, I decided to add a couple of "deleted scenes" here!

Die, Tri-Thruster, Die! (3.5 Mb, 29 seconds)
This first clip is during the same combat sequence at Saturn you see pieces of in the DVD footage. I spent some time trying to shoot down a tri-thruster with homing missiles, but the blasted ship keeps dodging or shooting them down! It does have some nice footage of criss-crossing missile trails, though....

Veritech Attack! (2.52 Mb, 21 seconds)
The second deleted scene occurred near Earth, when I launched four or five Veritechs. Since the only enemy ship around was the Zentraedi Scout Ship, they all immediately dived towards it, and I decided to join in the fun! You can see numerous laser blasts coming from Veritechs behind me as we all head towards the Scout....

Here you can find detailed pictures of every aspect of the game. These were originally captured around August 2001 for an interview that never occurred, but I decided they should be available....

R:CD Detailed Images

Here are some clips of various characters playing snippits of dialog from the game. Click here if you want to hear a few pieces of the game's story and see the talking faces in action!

R:CD Character Videos

The following videos were captured with a Dazzle Video Capture tool in August of 1999.

reflection.mpg (644 KB)
- considering the amount of time it took me to figure out how to get Kyle's reflection working, I had to put up one video of it! This is from a training mission I wrote, using target drones.

battle6.mpg (996 KB)
- I captured a two and a half minute (and 35 Meg) video of combat, from which I grabbed 8 short sequences. In this one, I was in fighter mode, using my nose lasers to get a missile pod. I managed to add a small piece of code to hook a little bit of the recorded dialog, so it is Kergen you see reacting to the pod's death.

battle8.mpg (1364 KB)
- cluster missiles in action, the pod manages to shoot two, but the other two obliterate it. Although a bug caused Kergen's dialog to not run, the accidental timing of the music cues is priceless!

collideVertk.mpg (1460 KB)
- I was playing around with launching ships using my cheat buttons, and managed to capture two Veritechs flying a little to close....

cycbattle1.mpg (2292 KB)
- later in the same battle as the colliding Veritechs sequence, I filmed myself attacking some Cyclops Recon ships. Notice that a Battlepod rams into me from behind during the video....

zenfleet.mpg (2140 KB)
- I recorded a video-only flythrough of the Zentraedi fleet at Saturn.

A couple of pics of the a test interior (a preliminary ARMD hanger bay).
ARMDint.mpg (427 KB) - and video from the same location.

landArmor.mpg (1230 KB)
- a video I shot mimicking what you might see if you were flying a Veritech in for a landing. Note that the interior engine code was in progress when the Gametek died, so you can see several places in the video where the hanger bay doesn't display correctly....

A picture from a video of the comets (asteroids with smoke trails, but they look cool!)

The R:CD Video Archives

A number of older, smaller videos I captured right after the 1998 E3 trade show where we showed the game in the Capcom booth. These were captured right about the time Gametek (and thus the development of the game) died.

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