NOTE: all the pictures on this page were captured directly off a N64 cartridge copy of a demo version of Robotech: Crystal Dreams, using a Dazzle Video Capture system hooked to my computer.

RDF Ships

Valkyrie Class Veritech Transformable Fighter

The Valkyrie type Veritech Combat Fighter was the first production fighter to use Protoculture fuel and the technological advances of the Super Dimensional Fortress that crashed on Earth in 1999 AD. Partially due to huge alien bodies found on the crashed battle fortress, the Veritech was designed with the ability to transform into a 15 meter tall humanoid form. The third mode, midway between the two designed modes, came naturally once testing of the prototypes began. The Valkyrie is designed for both space and atmospheric flight.

veritech.mpg (786 Kb) - Fighter mode VF-1J, with a rather unique tail design.
vf_transFG.mpg (474 Kb) - VF-1J transforming from Fighter to Guardian and back.
vf_transGB.mpg (466 Kb) - VF-1J transforming from Guardian to Battloid mode, going into "action" pose.

The Valkyrie class fighter comes in four versions. The only visual differences are in the head turret, but the performance characteristics vary from type to type. In actuality, the modern version is the VFc line of Veritech ships, which have a narrower nose canopy and several other minor design changes.

There are several kinds of specialized equipment that can be attached to a Veritech, from the so-called "Super Veritech" add-on armor and thrust packs, to the battloid mode armor of the Armored Veritech. However, these equipment add-ons are extremely rare currently, and are not in common use.

VFc-1A Valkyrie Class Veritech

This is the most common type of Valkyrie, and is given to lower ranked pilots. The listed values are for a base VF-1A, without any upgrades.

	Weaponry -
		2 nose lasers
		1 head turret laser
		GU-11 gunpod firing high velocity slugs
		4 missile slots on the wings

VFc-1D Valkyrie Class Trainer Veritech

Used for training or carrying passengers. It's performance characteristics are identical to the VF-1A, except for the addition of a second head turret laser, and a two person cockpit.

VFc-1J Valkyrie Class Veritech

This style is given to wingleaders within a squadron, and is sometimes also flown by lower ranked pilots when merited. Though it looks nearly identical to a VFc-1A, it is faster, more maneuverable, and more heavily armored. Its weapon package is slightly more advanced as well.

VFc-1S Valkyrie Class Veritech

Usually flown only by squadron leaders, occassional pilots of merit are allowed to fly this most powerful varient of Valkyrie. This is the fastest craft in the RDF, and is only surpassed by the Zentraedi Female Power Armor in speed and maneuverability.

RC-2a Jackalope Class Shuttle

shuttle.mpg (263 Kb)

This is the current version of a long line of space and atmospheric capable shuttles. Though many are unarmed, this class of shuttle can be outfitted with several laser turrets. The RC class of shuttles are designed to be general purpose, and can be used for a variety of missions, from transporting cargo and personnel to capturing enemy vessels and cargo.

ARMD Armor Platform

armd.mpg (610 Kb)

Ten Armor Platforms were built before the Zentraedi appeared, and though over half of them were destroyed during the war, they have continued to be built since. Armor 16 is currently under construction in the Factory Satellite, which will make a total of nine Armors in the RDF fleet. During and after the Zentraedi War, the existing Armors were upgraded with more advanced reflex weaponry, and the ARMDs built since have had a number of design augmentations. However, the visual look of the Armors has changed little over the years.

Two additional Armors are still in active duty. Armor Ten, heavily damaged during the opening shots of the Zentraedi War, was bought by a civilian corporation after the Rain of Death and refurbished as a civilian port. Armor 13 was given to the Army of the Southern Cross in 2017.

	Length - 500 m
	Not Fold Capable

Super Dimensional Fortress Three

sdf3.mpg (1273 Kb)
sdf3_bridge (686 Kb)

When the SDF-2 was destroyed alongside the alien SDF-1, the RDF decided to build a third Dimensional Fortress. This new fortress will be sent across the galaxy to Tirol, the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Unlike the SDF-1 and 2, this fortress was designed to look more like a Zentraedi ship, mixed with elements reminiscent of the original alien fortress humanity rebuilt into the SDF-1.

The SDF-3 was built from hull pieces from Breetai's Zentraedi Flagship and parts salvaged from the ruins of the SDF-1 and numerous Zentraedi ships. It is the largest structure ever built by humanity, though still drawfed by some of the Zentraedi constructs.

The SDF-3 is being constructed inside the captured Robotech Factory Satellite, though it is currently undergoing performance testing outside. The ship is still missing fold engines (which will be transferred from the remains of Breetai's ship in several months), and is missing half its hanger bays and most of the crew quarters. It also currently has only a primer coat of paint, since the final color scheme has yet to be finalized.

	Length - 2500 m
	Fold Capable (eventually)

Robotech Factory Satellite

factsat.mpg (416 Kb)

This massive structure was captured from the Robotech Masters two years after the Rain of Death that ended the Zentraedi War. The Zentraedi tell us that a fully functional Factory could repair and restock up to 10 Zentraedi Flagships at a time, could generate hundreds of pods and clones a day, and could build a new destroyer from scratch in a few weeks. However, the captured Factory is mostly non-functional, partially due to lack of adequete supplies of Protoculture. Its 7 km wide central core makes an ideal null-gee shipyard, however.

The Factory still has about half its original defensive systems. It has four satellite pods for use by smaller ships.

	Min length (main core) - 8 km
	Max length (3 o'clock to 9 o'clock pod) - 20 km
	Originally Fold Capable (currently damaged beyond repair)

RDF Fleet

In addition to the SDF-3, FactSat, and Armors, the RDF also has a dozen or so captured Zentraedi capital ships, which have been integrated into the RDF fleet. Though most of these ships have been retro-fitted for partial or total Micronian crews, several of these ships are still crewed entirely by allied Zentraedi. These ships have been repainted by the RDF or their Zentraedi crews into a variety of color schemes.

Zentraedi Ships

Raulon've Fighter Pod (commonly known as the Tri-thruster)

trithrust.mpg (629 Kb)

This common Zentraedi fighter craft is the weakest of the Zentraedi fighters in the Ebolian fleet. They make up about 30% of the Zen mecha forces.

Regult Battlepod

zpod.mpg (653 Kb)

The majority of Zentreadi fighters are the standard Regult Pod.

Regult Missilepod

mpod.mpg (500 Kb)

Based on the standard Regult Pod, this varient adds a large missile rack to the top.

Glaug Officer's Pod

offpod.mpg (758 Kb)

The Glaug Officer's Pod is the fastest and most heavily armed fighter in the Ebolian fleet.

Quel Qualie Theatre Scout Recon Pod (commonly known as the Cyclops Recon Pod)

cyclops.mpg (703 Kb)

The Cyclops is designed for recon work, though it is also often used as a Zentraedi cargo transport. Though not particularly fast or maneuverable, it carries several laser and missile batteries.

Tou Redir Sloop (commonly known as the Zentraedi Scout Ship)

zenscout.mpg (523 Kb)

This is the smallest capital ship the Zentraedi have, and is slightly more powerful than a RDF Armor Platform. It is most frequently used for escort duty or quick hit-and-run attacks.

	Length - 500 m
	Fold Capable

Thuverl Salan Heavy Cruiser (commonly known as the Zentraedi Destroyer)

zendest.mpg (653 Kb)

This is the most common of the Zentraedi capital ships.

	Length - 2000 m
	Fold Capable

Quiltra Queleual Landing Ship (often called the Zentraedi Cruiser, or Zentraedi Landing Ship)

zencruz.mpg (786 Kb)

Though not the largest Zentraedi capital ship, this ship is designed to be a troop and mecha carrier. It can carry twice as many troops and pods as the larger Zentraedi flagship.

	Length - 3000 m
	Fold Capable

Queadol Magdomilla Strike Cruiser (commonly known as the Zentraedi Command Ship)

zencomm.mpg (823 Kb)

Commanded by high level officers in the Zentraedi fleet, these ships often direct other ships during battle.

	Length - 3000 m
	Fold Capable

Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Flagship (commonly known as the Zentraedi Flagship)

zenflag.mpg (790 Kb)

Usually only one per fleet, these ships are given only to the commander of a Zentraedi fleet. This is the largest of the Zentraedi capital ships.

	Length - 4000 m
	Fold Capable

Ebolian Ships


Although we know that someone or something called Eboliar is allied with the enemy Zentraedi, we have yet to gain any information. RDF command is speculating that the occasional encounters with seemingly piloted crystals are related to this "Eboliar."


We know that the Zentraedi have the even more deadly Female Power Armor, but we have not seen any in the Ebolian forces so far. It is possible that the Ebolian Zens do not have any of this rare craft. If there are any female Zentraedi with the Ebolians, they must be piloting pods.

Features of the Solar System

earth.mpg (953 Kb) - our art director, Mimi, had a good time putting this one together... notice that all the continents are accurate, even at a fairly low altitude. The clouds were on a seperate sphere rotating at a different rate, giving the illusion that the weather was always changing below.
moon.mpg (703 Kb)
saturn.mpg (860 Kb) - my personal favorite of the planets in the game. It was put together by my former roommate, Michael Spaw, using actual NASA photographs of the ringed planet. Floating above the rings (where I put the Zen fleet in the E3 demo) is one of the best visual experiences of this almost-game.
- a capture of the two types of asteroids in the game.

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