Here you can find various pictures and sound files related to Robotech: Crystal Dreams.

1998 E3 Character Badges - at that last E3 trade show, I must have personally handed out several hundred of these laminated badges. Unfortunately, I never ended up with a complete set for myself... Gametek died before the E3 materials got returned, leaving me with just the two I wore at the show. Recently, a friendly soul sent me copies of a bunch of stuff he had pulled off Gametek's webpage right before the end, including small copies of the badge artwork.

Crystal Dreams 1996 One Sheet - *front* - *back* - here is both sides of the original marketing one-sheet about Robotech: Crystal Dreams. It was created before the 1996 E3 trade show, months before the N64 was even released, and while we were still figuring out what the game we were working on would look like. One thing of note... one day, one of the marketing people came to my friend Lizard (who then worked at Gametek as a database programmer, and helped me write the R:CD dialog), and asked him to come up with some good terms they could use for the game. He, jokingly, came up with "Multi-Branching Chrono-sync Algoritm", which meant absolutely nothing. To his horror, it ended up in this one-sheet....

Crystal Dreams 1998 One Sheet - *front* - *back* - two years later, we had a hi-res model of the Veritech, and actual screen shots to show at E3. Here is the 1998 one-sheet.

Crystal Dreams Poster Art - one of several poster images made using the hi-res Veritech model for the 1998 E3 trade show. Note that the Veritech used on this poster is the same render that was used for the R:CD comic book cover.

Poster Art, another version - another verison of the poster, this one adding a couple of the Zentraedi models from the game.

Final 1998 E3 Poster Art - after Capcom asked for a version of the first poster, but with some added action, the Gametek artists put this one together, which ended up being the one we had printed and displayed at the trade show.

Intro music - the intro music for the game...

Box Art, 1st pass - here is the front of the preliminary box art Gametek put together for the 1997 E3 trade show. By the 1998 E3 show a year later, we had totally redone the box art, using the high-res model the Gametek artists had put together. This preliminary version, though, was a color printout wrapped around an old SNES Sports Jeopardy box!

Various R:CD Banners from the Gametek Website

Various RDF logo pictures - *1* - *2* - *3* - *4* - *5* - several versions of the RDF flying kite logo, created by the Gametek artists to use as backdrops for various poster and marketing image ideas.

Minmei gets sucked out an airlock - this .WAV file was created from recorded dialog from R:CD, along with a few added sound effects. The Gametek webpage had both a "Minmei Lovers" and a "Minmei Haters" page, as a joke. Guess which page this file was one? I believe that this version of it has been edited a bit from the file a remember... for example, I don't recall the Beavis and Butthead voices in the background....

More dialog - using samples of dialog from the Gametek website, this .WAV file was created by The first part of the dialog is from the post-first mission dialog aboard the SDF-3 (see the R:CD comic book). The second part of the .WAV file is from the same mission that the Minmei-airlock dialog came from (I had a lot of fun writing the Minmei missions in the game).

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