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Here you can find a set of short stories I've written based on the Robotech: Crystal Dreams story.

I started writing the story while still working at Gametek on the game, so I could try to tell some elements of the backstory I developed while creating the script for the game. Since then, I've added a few chapters when I found myself in a creative mood.

Don't expect high literature here - I'm a programmer, not a writer.... I'm mainly using R:CD as an experiment to teach myself how to write fiction.

Kyle Bartley Robotech: Crystal Dreams Vala Norri

You can also now find what I have of this story as an eBook (which I've tested on my iPad):

Crystal Dreams eBook (RobotechCrystalDreams.epub), 527 Kb

Chapter Index:


Kyle's Story

Armor Thirteen

The Minmei Attack

Cold Interlude

Crystal Dreams

Unexpected Discoveries
NOTE: this is just a rough draft of the first couple of pages of the next chapter!

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