Crystal Dreams Fan Artwork and Creations

Now and again, I've had people send me ideas or artwork they have created based on Crystal Dreams. This page is for showcasing the people who have spent some of their creative time adding to my little corner of the Robotech universe.

Paul Dostal

Years back, Paul Dostal had a lot of fun trying to make a 3D model of Eboliar, a giant crystal asteroid that was an evil character/spaceship in Robotech N64 that was never built before the game was cancelled. Here you can find a number of versions Paul played with, and even a lengthy video staring Eboliar (which you can find further down the page).

In March of 2001, I received an e-mail including a couple of images of what Eboliar might look like. Eboliar was the one ship in the R:CD game for the N64 that we never had time to complete. My original idea was the massive creature would look like a spiky crystal asteroid with three huge spikes hanging down below, colored in bands of red, orange, and yellow that constantly moved up the length of the crystal (this would match the pulsing colors of the smaller crystal fighters, and the speed would show Eboliar's "mood" visually). By the end of the project, the plan for Eboliar had changed a lot, even to including several articulated tenticles. However, the 3D model for Eboliar was never built, so it has always remained a matter of what I imagined it might look like.

Paul grabbed my brief descriptions of Eboliar from my webpage, and used a 3D computer modeling tool to try out a few ideas. He then sent me the results (I love the cloud of crystal fighters he put around each one... it was a nice touch). We then exchanged some e-mails as he tried to match my ill-defined original vision of Eboliar. I've included several from the progression....

- this first version, though different from my own mental idea of Eboliar, works for me. Strangly, it is very close to a couple of the sketches made by the Gametek artists right before the project crashed, and I expect the final Eboliar, if we had ever finished the game, would have looked similar to this version. The later spikey orange versions are closer to my original idea.

Finally, he added in some other models he had been working on, building my very own Eboliar action poster!

A few months later, Paul sent me his latest Eboliar work: a great two an a half minute video that was his take on a possible intro cinematic to Crystal Dreams (with one unexpected cameo...). Below are a number of screenshots from the video, any of which you can click on to download the video itself.

EboliarReady.avi (26.4 Mb)

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