This Shockwave game was built by Dag Richards, former Gametek webmaster and network manager, and one-time professional chef (its never wise to miss one of his dinner parties). This was one of his first forays into the world of programming, which I think is amazing, since my first programs barely printed out text, much less moved around sprites and played sound effects and music. He had almost completed it for the Gametek website when the company went under. Most of the sound effects and graphics were cobbled together from Crystal Dreams N64 resources.

You will need the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in to play this game... if you don't see a Robotech version of Space Invaders below, then you don't have the plug-in yet. Just click the button below to get it.

The game uses keyboard controls to play:

                            J = move left
                            L = move right
                            S = fire weapon
                            P = reset game

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Robotech is copyright and trademark © 1985 by Harmony Gold, USA, Inc.

Robotech: Crystal Dreams and all game related pictures are copyright © 1998 by Gametek, Inc.

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This Shockwave game is copyright © 1999 by Dag Richards, all rights reserved.