This was the second game I worked on. It was a cute side-scroller staring a pencil named Wild Woody who can draw various powerups. We finished the game just as the Sega CD platform was dying, and the studio I worked in had already evaporated around us. The best part of the game is the cutscene videos, and of course the evil zombie Elvis clones in the Cemetery Levels. The 3D bonus mazes were a lot of fun to write, as well. I ended up writing most of the game engine code, as well as the Pirate Levels. I also did the code for the 3D Bonus Level Mazes. The game went directly from Sega to the bargain bins (probably deservedly so), but it was a cute game.

However, the game title was tragic, and I refuse to relay any of the jokes the crew made up during development.

Wild Woody did have some funny cinematics in between each of the levels, as Woody collects the totem pole pieces from each game world. You can find them here, in MPEG format (captured directly from my copy of the game):


All of the cheats in the game (except the debug controller) were put in by me. I built the easter egg powerup from a Jurassic Park egg which I colored in a drawing program. The various critters the easter eggs generate are all artwork made for the game (or other games) that was dropped. In some cases, they were little more than scanned in pencil sketches, others (like the Squid and Domebot) were mostly completed. I spent a couple of days while waiting for bug reports pretending I was an artist, and ended up with seven creatures to drop in as easter eggs.

Debug Options

Like Jurassic Park, Wild Woody has debug functions on the second controller. During the Start screen (when the "Press Start" sign is blinking), press A and C buttons on joypad 1, and B and LEFT on joypad 2 (all four buttons at the same time). You will get a bell if you get it correctly. The following debug options become active:

START - accesses the Level Jumper (go to any level, watch the videos, etc)

C btn - use the 2nd controller D-pad to move Woody anywhere you want (through walls, enemies, etc)

If you hold the 1st controller DOWN button along with the above 4 buttons, the screen will always display Woody's screen coordinates in the corner.

Bonus Rounds

Each bonus round has a cheat - to get the extra powerups, you must pick up that level's trigger powerup, while holding down a button combination. If you do this, a special object will appear somewhere in the level. Go pick it up, and still make it to the end of the maze before the time runs out, and you get the powerups. The info for each level is listed below:

Bonus Round LevelTrigger Poweup Button CombinationSpecial Object What you Win
PiratehourglassA + B + C Snoozing Pirate2 extra men, 2 sketches
GreekhourglassA + C Astrocade Dinosaur2 extra men, 1 sketch, 30 extra seconds on maze clock
MechanicalpencilB Domebot1 extra man, 1 sketch, 50 extra seconds on the maze clock
Sci-Fisketch #1B + C Platform Alien1 extra man, 2 sketches, 20 extra seconds on maze clock
CemeterypencilC Gargoyle2 extra men, 2 sketches

Broadside Battles (Pirate World Act 1)

Standing on the small island between the two ships, use a kite sketch to float straight upwards, until you find and pick up a powerup shaped like an easter egg. You will then find a special enemy - a snoozing pirate - on the top deck of the ship to the right. Erase the snoring pirate and you get 5 powerups - 1 mermaid sketch, 1 boat sketch, 1 kite sketch, 1 health powerup, and one extra man.

If you die after getting the powerup, it resets and you can get it again with your next man.

Treasure Caves (Pirate World Act 2)

Go to the bottom left corner of the level. Swim through the shark pool, and you will fall into a secret tunnel that takes you beyond the left edge of the world. Climb up to the top of the side area, and grab the easter egg powerup. Exit the special area, and head right along the bottom of the world until you find the slippery floor. Erase the special enemy - a squid - and get five powerups: 1 mermaid sketch, 1 cyclone sketch, 1 health, and two extra men.

If you die after getting the powerup, it resets and you can do it again.

Mount Olympus (Greek World Act 2)

Move Woody to the cloud on the right side of a building, on the left side of the world, halfway up the level (at position 38,132). Sink through the cloud to pick up the easter egg powerup hidden inside the cloud. A special enemy - an eagle - will appear flying above a building on the right side of the world (at position 165,112). Erase the eagle, and 2 powerups appear: an extra man and a health powerup.

Once you erase the eagle, the easter egg becomes a health powerup if Woody dies - you can only get the special powerups once.

Industrial Rage (Mechanical World Act 2)

Move Woody to the powerup room about a screen below his starting position (at pos 9,52). With the other powerups is a hidden easter egg powerup that starts a special enemy - a domebot robot - near the top center of the level (at pos 129,14). Erase the domebot and 2 powerups appear: an extra man, and a health powerup.

Once you erase the domebot, the easter egg powerup becomes a health powerup if Woody dies.

The Special Hidden Mermaid Powerup

I'm not telling! Okay... maybe a little :] Criss-cross Pirate Act 2 (Treasure Caves) to find 4 hidden items in the right order. Then pick up a specific Mermaid sketch powerup, and sketch it. The Mermaid sketch will be... well... supercharged.... I didn't create the animation! I just helped bury it deep into the game becuase it was funny!

The Directors Cut

There is a special version of this game, given out only the people who worked on the game. It only has a couple of differences, though. The published version was sent off while we were getting the last couple of bugs out. The only noticeable differences is a tiny island at the bottom left corner of Pirate Act 1 (which fixed a bug where Woody could get caught underwater at the edge of the world), and the addition of a health and give-me-a-sketch buttons to the debug controller.

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