BattleTanx: Global Assault
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There are 14 tanks that appear in the WDL, though only 9 appear in both versions of the game.

M1A1 Abrams

The M1A1 is a good standard tank. Medium speed, medium armor, it has a decent main cannon mounted on a seperately swiveling turret.


The Mototank is the fastest tank in the WDL. It is small and manouverable, which makes up for its lack of armor. For weaponry, it has two fixed mount machine-guns, and it can do a fast turn in either direction.


Though slow, the Rhino is the most heavily armored tank in the League. The majority of its armor is concentrated in the front, where it can take a huge amount of damage. It mounts a fixed mount medium fire-rate heavy cannon.


The FLP-E (or "Flippy Tank") is a highly manouverable attack tank. It is fast, and can use small jump-jets on its flanks to flip over in a strafing pattern. It mounts a single fixed mount cannon. It also gave me quite a lot of work, since its flipping could move it in a way my physics and collision code wasn't expecting!


The Goliath may be slow, but it can take a massive pounding. The Goliath is often used to protect bases from enemy attacks, and can be attached to a rail. It mounts a single turreted heavy cannon.


Coasting on a cushion of air, the Hovertank has speed and manouverability. It can even strafe side-to-side. It mounts a turreted medium cannon.


The inferno may be small and lightly armored, but it mounts a turreted flamethrower, which can do a lot of damage close-in.

M-2 Hydra

The Hydra is a good medium scale tank that mounts dual medium cannons on its turret.


The Rattler is small and lightly armored, but it is fast, and mounts a high-speed gatling gun.


The Laser Tank is a decent medium scale tank that mounts a high-power laser cannon on its turret. It only appears in the N64 version of Battletanx: Global Assault.

B-6 Bulldog

The Bulldog is a medium armored tank with its own unique weapon... it mounts a fixed orientation grenade launcher as its primary means of causing damage. The B-6 Bulldog only appears in the PS1 version of the Global Assault arenas.


In speed and armor, the Hornet is a very average tank. For weaponry, though, it mounts two turreted Swarmer missile launchers, giving it a high level of damage capability.

M-80 Demolition Tank

Known by the nickname "Suicide Tank," the M-80 has one purpose. It is cheap, small and lightly armored, and has no normal main weapon. It is a drivable bomb... pilot it into the middle of an enemy base, and set it off. The results will be gratifying! The M-80 Demolition Tank only appears in the PS1 version of the game.


This is one of the best tanks in the WDL. It is moderatly fast, decently armored, and mounts a turreted gatling gun capable of a lot of rapid-fire damage. The Shredder only shreds in the PS1 version of Battletanx: Global Assault, and is the favorite tank of the lead programmer of the game (you can access the tank anywhere in the game using the cheat code "TRF," his initials).

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