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Alphabetical Listing of ALL Reviews

Acts of Conscience - William Barton

Aftermath - Levar Burton

Aftermath - Charles Sheffield

Alien Resurrection (movie)

Antares Dawn - Michael McCollum

Antares Passage - Michael McCollum

Antz - animated movie

Area 51 - Robert Doherty

Armageddon 2419 A.D. - Philip Francis Nowlan

The Asgard Run - Steve Vance

Banjo-Kazooie - Nintendo 64 game

Babylon 5

Black Sun - Jack Williamson

Blade Runner - PC CD-ROM game

A Canticle For Leibowitz - Walter M. Miller Jr.

Chaos And Order - Stephen R. Donaldson

Chapterhouse: Dune - Frank Herbert

Charon's Ark - Rick Gauger

Children of Dune - Frank Herbert

The City Who Fought - Anne McCaffery and S. M. Stirling

Colony Wars - Playstation game

Come Closer, Roger, There's a Mosquito On Your Nose - Bill Amend (Foxtrot comic strip collection)

Consider Phleabas - Iain M. Banks

The Daria Diaries - Anne D. Bernstein

A Dark And Hungry God Arises - Stephen R. Donaldson

Dave Berry In Cyberspace - Dave Berry

Day of the Dragonstar - David F. Bischoff & Thomas F. Monteleone

Dilbert - Seven Years of (something - A co-worker now has the book) - Scott Adams (comic strip collection)

Dragonstar Destiny - David F. Bischoff & Thomas F. Monteleone

Dragonstar Trilogy - David F. Bischoff & Thomas F. Monteleone

Dune Series - Frank Herbert

Dune (movie, laserdisc)

Dune - Frank Herbert

Dune Messiah

Dust - Charles Pellegrino

Earth 2

Einstein's Bridge - John Cramer

Eternity Road - Jack McDevitt

Final Fantasy VII - Playstation game

Final Impact - Yvonne Navarro

Firestarter - Stephen King

The Forever War - Joe Haldeman

Forsaken 64 - N64 game

Freedom's Challenge - Anne McCafferey

Freedom's Choice - Anne McCaffery

Freedom's Landing - Anne McCaffery

Forbidden Knowledge - Stephen R. Donaldson

The Gap Saga - Stephen R. Donaldson

Godzilla (movie)

Goldeneye - N64 game

God Emperor of Dune - Frank Herbert

Headcrash - Bruce Bethke

Helm - Steven Gould

Heretics of Dune - Frank Herbert


Icefire - Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens

Igniting The Reaches - David Drake

Jumper - Steven Gould

The Last Day - Glenn Kleier

Lost World, Jurassic Park - Playstation game

Magician: Apprentice - Raymond E. Feist

Magician: Master - Raymond E. Feist

The Making of Dune - Ed Naha

Masterharper of Pern - Anne McCaffery

The Multplex Man - James P. Hogan

The Neutronium Alchemist Part 1: Consolidation - Peter F. Hamilton

The Neutronium Alchemist Part 2: Conflict - Peter F. Hamilton

Night of the Dragonstar - David F. Bischoff & Thomas F. Monteleone

Partnership - Anne McCaffery and Margaret Ball

Pern (or Dragonriders of Pern) - Anne McCaffery

Polymorph - Scott Westerfeld

The Postman - David Brin

The Practice Effect - David Brin

Primary Crullers (a Robotman Book) - Jim Meddik

The Real Story - Stephen R. Donaldson

Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy

Replay - Ken Grimwood

Rewind - Terry England (part 2 here)

The Riftwar Series - Raymond E. Feist

Runner of Pern - Anne McCaffrey, from the collection Legends edited by Robert Silverberg

The Running Man - Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman)

Saturn Ruhk - Robert L. Forward

Saving Private Ryan - Steven Speilberg movie

The Ship Errant - S. M. Sterling

The Ship Who Sang - Anne McCaffery

The Ship Who Searched - Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey

The Ship Who Won - Anne McCaffery and Jody Lynn Nye

The Ship Who Sang Series

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

Space: Above and Beyond (television series)

Spyro The Dragon - Playstation Game

The Stand - Stephen King


Star Strike - W. Michael Gear

Starship Troopers

Star Trek

Star Wars

The Sword of Allah - Richard Elliott

This Day All Gods Die - Stephen R. Donaldson

Timecop - the Series (television series pilot)

Titanic (movie)

To Your Scattered Bodies Go - Philip Jose' Farmer

Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Charles Sheffield

The Truman Show (movie)

Wildside - Steven Gould

A World Out of Time - Larry Niven

X-Files: Antibodies - Kevin J. Anderson

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