More Pictures of China

An interesting alleyway
An interesting alleyway we drove past in Guangzhou.

Near the Hotel
A five minute walk from the White Swan Hotel takes you off Shamian Island, to several pedestrian bridges over to a nearby open marketplace that runs for blocks between the buildings to the left of this picture.

More Guangzhou
We took this picture from the eighth floor of the government office in Guangzhou where Andy and Tina were officially given custody of Abby by China.

The interesting thing to note about these apartment buildings under construction on the outskirts of Qingyuan is that the scaffolding around the buildings is made entirely from bamboo!

Familiar Territory
A five minute stroll from the hotel is a tiny island of America. I never eat at McDonalds here in the States, but we happily ended up there twice during the trip, both times on the way to a nearby department store.

Lion Head
This is the best picture of the trip! The second time we travelled to Qingyuan, we saw this man carrying the head of a lion costume down the street ahead of our van. Tina managed to stick the camera out the window and get a couple of pictures while he posed briefly as we passed.

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