The City of Qingyuan

Guangdong Countryside
Guangdong Field
The day we arrived in China, we immediately headed towards the small city of Qingyuan, an hour's drive north of Guangzhou. Along the way, we managed to get some pictures of the countryside from the window of our speeding van.

Qing Yuan Intersection The Statue
This is a picture from the window of a wonderful cantonese restaurant we ate in during our second trip to Qingyuan, on the second floor of a hotel on the central square of the city. The statue in the second picture is from the center of the park to the left of the first picture.

Some Buildings
I took this photo from the third story stairwell balcony of a mostly completed new government office building. It gave me something to do for a few minutes while we were waiting!

Qing Yuan Street
Finally, here is a picture taken out the front window of the van that brought us to Qingyuan. Notice the numbers on the stop light, which count down to the next light change.

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